Accepted usage of unlimited bandwidth with shared datacenter proxies


The accepted usage of unlimited bandwidth on the datacenter IPs is defined as up to 10TB per Month.
To maintain consistency throughout the number of concurrent sessions, once the user exceeds 10TB of used data, the limitations are applied. The limitations per threads and IPs are provided below, however, in the event of overuse or any form of abuse, we reserve the right to impose stricter limits to prevent a violation of our fair usage policy.


Let's say a user has an unlimited GB DC/IP subscription with 100 IPs. By default, the user would have 2000 max concurrent sessions. If he uses more than 10TB traffic, we add a limitation, after which he no longer has 2000 max concurrent sessions, but 100 (we decrease it to the number of IPs the user has). As soon as the user's subscription is renewed (usually a month, unless upgrading, downgrading, or renewing a subscription), the user again has the default number until he exceeds the 10TB limit.

Limitations before 10TB

Up to 200 IPs  - 2000 threads

201 to 1000 IPs - 3000 threads

1001 to 2000 IPs - 5000 threads

2001 to 3999 IPs - 8000 threads

4000 IPs or more - 10000 threads


The amount of limited threads is distributed equally among all proxy users you have. For example, if you have 3000 IPs (giving you 8000 concurrent threads) and have 4 proxy users - each proxy user will have a limit of 2000 concurrent threads