Sneakerhead cheatsheet

Should I use a sticky or rotating port?

Use the sticky port for copping sneakers. The sticky port system will assign you an IP for up to 30 minutes.

Use the rotating port for monitoring sneaker releases to avoid IP blocks. The rotating port system will automatically rotate your IP address.

Where do I get the IP list?

You will get a proxy list from the Endpoint generator in your dashboard. You can specify the Authentication method, Proxy location, Session type, Output format, specify the number of proxies you want to generate, and download the list or copy it to your clipboard.


Smartproxy random location sticky (10 min) endpoint example

What's the difference between an endpoint and IP?

Endpoints are like gateways to IP pools. Our system uses endpoints to filter and automatically assign you an IP from the selected IP pool.


Example: endpoint will assign you an IP from US IP pool endpoint will assign you an IP from a random country (65M+ IP pool) endpoint will assign you an IP from GB IP pool


If your bot does not accept endpoint format you can check IP:Port format article to convert it into IP address.

How do I authenticate?

There are two types of authentication in most of our products.

When using user:pass authentication, most bots use the following format:

When using whitelisted IP authentication, simply do the following:


For a smooth experience, make sure to test authentication before release.

Should I use the Residential, Mobile, or Datacenter proxy type?

Generally, residential proxies are great at dealing with anti-bot defense but are slower.
Datacenter IPs can be identified and blocked by anti-bot systems but are way faster.
Meanwhile, mobile proxies have the best IP reputation among all proxy types.

There's no correct answer and variety is key. Some sites work better with residential, some with datacenter proxies, and some with mobile proxies.

Will the proxies work with x bot?

We have not yet discovered a bot our proxies don't work with. If you experience such an issue, let us know via Live chat or email [email protected].

Are the proxies good with x website?

You can quickly set up proxies on the Browser and visit the website in question. Most of the time the failure is due to the bot not bypassing anti-bot defense systems during the release. Different bots can work well on one site and not so well on another.


To find more information on what is a sneaker bot in our blog.