Dolphin {Anty}

Getting started with Dolphin {Anty}

Dolphin is an anti-detect browser, mostly used for affiliate marketing purposes.
To get started, you would need to download this application through:

Once you have an account, and have the app set up on your device you can move on to the next article.

Creating a profile

  1. Open up the Dolphin {anty}

  2. In the main screen press on the "Create Profile" button.

  1. Enter a random profile name and select "NEW PROXY" tab:

Proxy setup

  1. Select HTTP protocol and enter Proxy details in endpoint:port:username:password format


If you're located in mainland China, use HTTP (, or see more here.


To set up your username and password that you will be using in the setup - refer to this setup guide.

This guide will help you get the proxy host address and port for your target country. How do I use proxies?

  1. Press "+ Create" button to create a profile:

Checking the proxy IP / connection

  1. On your Main page, you will see the profiles you have created, press the Start to launch the Browser profile.
  1. Once the profile launches, you can go to, to check the current IP address and the location for it.


  • Do not worry if the Google domain is showing up as inactive, as we do block a number of sites with our proxy services. If you need access to a blocked site, you can always contact the support team via live chat, to request an unblock.

  • Don't forget to check if the proxy is working by checking your IP address on If all is well, you can start browsing.

After this, you should be set up and ready to use our service with Dolphin {Anty}.
If you have any issues with the setup, do not hesitate to contact our customer support team! Via this link

Editing / Deleting profiles

  1. If you wish to Edit setting, you can check the box to the left of the profile name, and select one of the options presented above.
  1. If you wish to edit the proxy setup itself, click on the three dots in your profile on the main page and press Edit.

  1. You will enter the profile setup, select NEW PROXY or SAVED PROXIES, make some adjustments if needed, and press SAVE.

With Dolphin{anty} tool, it is possible to create and manage multiple profiles, for account management of various platforms. Each profile has a unique browser fingerprint, with a separate web environment and lots of other functionalities that would allow to keep profiles completely separate from each other.

Video setup guide