Guide by Dolf van der Linde

How to set up a proxy on Opera browser

  1. Open Opera on your computer.
  2. Click on Settings☰ icon, scroll down, and click Go to full browser settings.

Opera settings

  1. Scroll down, and click on the Advanced button.
  2. Scroll down to System, and click on Open your computer's proxy settings.

Opera proxy network settings

  1. Edit your proxy settings. This step will vary as it depends on your operating system: Windows or macOS.


  • Turn on the Use a proxy server slider.
  • Check Don't use the proxy server for your local (intranet) network under Proxy server.
  • Add endpoint in the Address section (e.g. us.smartproxy.com).
  • Add port in the Port section (e.g. 10000).
  • Click Save.

Opera configuration on Windows - Proxy setup

  • When accessing a website, enter your proxy user credentials.

Username and password


  • Select the proxy you want to edit on the left side of the page (HTTP/S).
  • Add endpoint in the Address field (e.g. us.smartproxy.com:10000).
  • (Optional) Change the bypassed sites in the Bypass field.
  • (Optional) Insert sub-user username and password in the Username and Password fields.

Opera configuration on macOS - Proxy setup

  • Click OK.
  • Select Apply.