Multilogin App

Here you will find an extensive tutorial on how to use Multilogin App with our proxy setup.

If you prefer video, just click on the play button and enjoy:

But step-by-step tutorials with screenshots are given below, so just scroll a bit and follow the instructions.

  1. Open Multilogin app and select 'New browser profile'
Multilogin app new browser profileMultilogin app new browser profile

Multilogin app new browser profile

  1. Go to proxy settings.
Multilogin app edit proxy settingsMultilogin app edit proxy settings

Multilogin app edit proxy settings

  1. From the dropdown menu select HTTP proxy
Multilogin app select HTTP proxy typeMultilogin app select HTTP proxy type

Multilogin app select HTTP proxy type

  1. Enter proxy details e.g. and your sub-user username/password (if IP is whitelisted you don't need to enter username/password as per example below)

  2. You can then click on 'Check proxy' to see if setup is successful.

Multilogin app proxy settingsMultilogin app proxy settings

Multilogin app proxy settings