Multilogin App

Guide by Thomas Vinke

Here you will find an extensive tutorial on how to use Multilogin app with our proxy setup.

The step-by-step tutorial with screenshots is provided below, but if you prefer watching a video, click play here:

  1. Open the Multilogin app and select New browser profile
Multilogin – New browser profileMultilogin – New browser profile

Multilogin – New browser profile

  1. Click on Edit proxy settings.
Multilogin – Edit proxy settingsMultilogin – Edit proxy settings

Multilogin – Edit proxy settings

  1. From the dropdown menu select HTTP proxy .
Multilogin – Select connection typeMultilogin – Select connection type

Multilogin – Select connection type

  1. Enter proxy details, e.g. and your sub-user username/password. If the IP is whitelisted, you don't need to enter username/password as per the example below.
  2. You can then click on Check proxy to see if setup is successful.
Multilogin – Proxy settingsMultilogin – Proxy settings

Multilogin – Proxy settings