SwitchyOmega extension

SwitchyOmega proxy setup guidelines for Chrome and Firefox extensions.

How to set up proxy on the SwitchyOmega browser extension

  1. Click on the SwitchyOmega icon in your browser, and open Options.

SwitchyOmega – Options

  1. Click on the New profile button in the PROFILES tab.

SwitchyOmega – New profile

  1. Write down the name you prefer in the pop-up window under Profile name. Select the Proxy Profile option. Then, click the Create button.

SwitchyOmega – Profile name

  1. Select HTTP in the generated table. You can find it under the Protocol column.

SwitchyOmega – HTTP Protocol

  1. Type in your preferred endpoint details in the Server and Port columns. If you are using a Whitelisted IP feature, skip to Step 7 of this tutorial. If not, click on the lock icon.

SwitchyOmega proxy settings – Server and Port

  1. Type in your Username and Password. Then, click the Save changes button in the pop-up field.

SwitchyOmega – Proxy Authentication

  1. Click on the Apply changes button to apply settings and create a profile for your proxy. You can find this under Actions.

SwitchyOmega – Apply changes

  1. The profile you created will now appear in the proxy list when you access SwitchyOmega through the extension icon.

SwitchyOmega – Select proxy profile


The following video displays the same instructions described above. However, the dashboard and thus the instructions in the video might be outdated.