How to change the assigned IP pool

You can manage your IP list from your dashboard.

When purchasing a plan, you can choose between a sequential and a non-sequential IP address list and HTTP(S) or SOCKS5 protocol.

  • Just notice that we apply a 25% extra fee for non-sequential IPs.
  • These IP types and the assigned IP pool can also be changed when upgrading or downgrading your plan.
  • If you renew, upgrade, or downgrade your subscription, you will have to change the proxy username and password.
  • Note that your assigned IP pool will not change with a recurring automatic monthly subscription.
  • If you manually repurchase the same subscription, you will get a brand new list of IPs.

You can also selectively change only the IPs you want from your pool by selecting them or the whole list in the Datacenter Proxies → Dedicated Datacenter → Proxy setup section Proxy management tab and clicking Recreate selected IPs or Renew IP list at the top right of your proxy list.

  • If you select to Renew the entire IP list, you can change the format type and the sequence (the non-sequential option has a 25% extra fee).
  • Replaced IPs will stay the same throughout the recurring (auto-renewal) subscription.
  • Costs for replaced IPs are non-refundable if you make any changes to your subscription afterward.
Repurchasing IPs.

Repurchasing IPs.