How to change assigned IP pool

When purchasing a plan you can choose between sequential and non-sequential IP addresses, as well as choose HTTP(S) or SOCKS5 protocol. Just notice that we apply a 25% extra fee for non-sequential IPs.
These IP types along with the assigned IP pool can also be changed when upgrading or downgrading your plan.

You can also selectively change only the IPs you want from your pool by selecting them in your dashboard > Dedicated Datacenter > Proxy management tab and clicking on "Recreate selected" at the top right of your proxy list.

Keep in mind that if you renew, upgrade, or downgrade your subscription, you will have to change the username and password.

Note that your assigned IP pool will not change with recurring automatic monthly subscription.

Replaced IPs will stay the same throughout the recurring (auto-renewal) subscription. Costs for replaced IPs are non-refundable if you make any changes to your subscription afterwards.