High traffic usage


Our traffic calculation

Traffic is the sum of the incoming request size and outgoing content size (request headers + request data + response headers + response data).

If you have high traffic usage, try the steps below to check if that helps to reduce the amount of GB you are using daily/weekly/monthly, etc.

  1. Always check the size of the website you are targeting to make sure how much each of your requests will add up to your traffic total. You may use such tools as this one.
  2. Avoid using System-wide proxy options to ensure that you are not using too much data on background applications. If you are required to set up a proxy on your whole system, make sure that sync applications, software updates, and other things are not using your proxy bandwidth.
  3. If you are unsure where traffic usage is rising from, try installing network tools and monitoring your network.
  4. Always avoid using 3rd party vendor IPs when whitelisting your access to our proxy pool. AWS and other services commonly share the same IP among several users. Make sure you are not leaving any whitelisted IPs that you are not using, especially if these are from a 3rd party service, as mentioned.
  5. Occasionally change the passwords of your sub-users. Never use passwords and usernames that are easy to guess.
  6. Load as little content as you need for your work through proxies if possible. Use a mobile version of the website that you target, have a custom coded scraper to parse data for you, create accounts, etc.
  7. Disable images for websites you are targeting if they are not required for your work.


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