Social Media Scraping API


Social Media Scraping API allows you to scrape public information from social media websites. See the subsections on this page to see what targets are supported.

You may choose to scrape in real-time or via a callback method and receive the results in raw HTML or parsed JSON format.


Once you have an active Social Media API subscription, you will be able to check your generated proxy Username as well as see or regenerate a new Password in the API Authentication tab.

Smartproxy dashboard – the API Authentication section.

Smartproxy dashboard – the API Authentication section.

Sending requests via dashboard

You can try sending a request via your dashboard in the Scraper section by selecting your Target from the drop-down menu and choosing your desired parameters for the request.

You will also see the response and an example of a cURL request generated at the bottom if you select the Response or the Request tab respectively.

Smartproxy dashboard – the Scraper section.

Smartproxy dashboard – the Scraper section.

Synchronous (real-time) & asynchronous (callback) requests

With Social Media Scraping API, you can scrape choosing synchronous requests to receive data instantly or asynchronous requests to receive data based on a callback function.

Synchronous (real-time)


Asynchronous (create a callback)


Asynchronous (receive data in raw HTML)


Asynchronous (receive data parsed in JSON)


Postman Collection

Import our Social Media Scraping API request collection to Postman:

Run in Postman