Social Media Scraping API


Social Media Scraping API allows you to scrape Instagram and TikTok. For Instagram, you can scrape profiles, follower count, usernames, posts, photos, and hashtags. And for TikTok, you can scrape profiles, usernames, posts, hashtags, sounds, and videos.

You may choose to scrape real-time or via a callback method and receive the results in raw HTML or parsed JSON format.


Once you have an active Social Media Scraping API subscription, you can set your password in the dashboard. To do so, select Social Media under Scraping APIs list. Then, head over to the Authentication method tab. Click the pencil icon and enter your password.

Synchronous (real-time) & asynchronous (callback) requests

With Social Media Scraping API, you can scrape choosing synchronous requests to receive data instantly or asynchronous requests to receive data based on a callback function.

Synchronous (real-time)


Asynchronous (create a callback)


Asynchronous (receive data in raw HTML)


Asynchronous (receive data parsed in JSON)


Postman Collection

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