1. Set up and log in to the SessionBox extension on your browser
  2. In the extension click on one of the symbols near the site's name to create a new session.
  1. Select the website on which you have created the new session and go to session settings (click on the 3 dots and click on settings menu item)
  1. Select the "Other" tab and in the "Proxy" dropdown menu select "Add new".
  1. In the "Add proxy" menu:

    • Enter any name you wish and for "Type" select HTTP
    • In the address and port fields enter your chosen endpoint and its port. E.g. and 10003
    • In the username and password fields enter the credentials of your proxy user accordingly. If you are using a Whitelisted IP address, these fields can be skipped. Learn more about our authentication methods here.
  1. Click on "Save".

The proxies will be active for the session on which you have set them up. You can check if you are setting up the proxies correctly by creating a session for an IP check website and setting proxies for it.