Traffic usage

Guide by Sjaak Alperstain

How do you measure my traffic?

What is included:

Upload traffic:

  • Request data, including all headers, cookies, POST data;
  • Download traffic: every byte received from the target website, even when request timeouts during data transmission phase (e.g. the request is not fully finished in your desired amount of time);
  • Response headers, cookies;
  • 403 Forbidden, 404 Not Found, 503 Service Unavailable, and any other non-200 content body that the target website returns is also counted towards total traffic.

What's not included:

  • Requests that end up with 502 or Connection Error returned from our service.


When a target is unresponsive

When the target is completely unresponsive and returns no data, only the request data is included in total traffic.

How often is this information updated?

The traffic logs are updated every 15 minutes.

How do I calculate the size of the request?

The size of a request is the sum of the request header, request body, response header, response body, and cookies. To get an approximate size of the request, you can use online tools like this one to see the entire size of the site or its size by content types like HTML. For example, if you are using a scraper, based on the size of the site's HTML, you can more or less see how much traffic a single request will use.


Such calculation may be imprecise as it only displays the size of the site's content. If you wish to get accurate data, you need to measure the sizes of the request and response headers, request body (if one was sent), and cookies.

Where can I find information about my traffic usage?

You can view your data usage in our dashboard under your selected proxy typeStatistics table.

You can also filter the graph by individual proxy users and within preset or custom date ranges.

Can I limit my traffic usage?

You can limit the traffic usage on each proxy user created.

  1. To do so, visit our dashboard and select the Proxy setup section for a specific subscription type once logged in.
  2. Then, click on Set limit to the right of your proxy user.
  3. You can enter the traffic limit (up to 10000 GB) for each user individually and click on the checkmark to apply it.


You can set a bigger limit than your current subscription plan if needed. You are still, however, limited to the amount of data your current plan has.

What happens when I hit my traffic limit?

Once you hit your monthly traffic limit, our service will no longer be available. If you’d like to keep using it, you can purchase additional traffic according to your data rate.

When you reach the limit, our proxies will return the 407 HTTP response code.


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