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Traffic usage

How is my traffic measured?

Traffic is the sum of the incoming request size and outgoing content size (request headers + request data + response headers + response data).

How often is this information updated?

The traffic logs are being updated every 15 minutes.

Where can I find information about my traffic usage?

You can view your data usage in our dashboard under Traffic Usage table.

You can filter the graph by individual proxy user and within preset or custom date ranges.

Smartproxy dashboard - traffic usage

Smartproxy dashboard - traffic usage

Can I limit my traffic usage?

You can limit your traffic usage on each individual proxy user that you have created.

To do so, visit our dashboard and select the Proxy user section once you are logged in.

Smartproxy dashboard - proxy user

Smartproxy dashboard - proxy user

Once you're there you can simply set the traffic limit (Up to 1000GB) for each user individually.

Smartproxy dashboard - traffic limit

Smartproxy dashboard - traffic limit

You can set the limit bigger than your current subscription plan if needed, however, you are still limited to the amount of data your current plan has.

What happens when I hit my traffic limit?

Once you hit your monthly traffic limit our service will no longer be available unless you purchase additional traffic accordingly to your data rate.

When the limit is reached our proxies will return 407 HTTP response code.

Updated 6 months ago

Traffic usage

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