Product bundles

How to obtain the Product bundles offer

Obtaining the offer without having an active Residential subscription

While purchasing a non-Enterprise Residential proxies plan, proceed to checkout and an offer will appear:

From there, pressing Show deals in the Bundle window will reveal Mobile proxies plans at a discounted rate:

Once you decide on your desired plan, press Add.

The added Mobile proxies deal will be added to the Order summary likeso:

Obtaining the offer with Residential plan already purchased

If you already have an active Residential subscription, you can claim the Bundle deal by pressing See offer on the bottom-right corner:

You will be taken to the Mobile proxy pricing page. Once there, the prices of Mobile proxy subscriptions will be shown at a discounted rate.


The Bundle deals will only appear for clients, who have not purchased Mobile proxies in the past.

You will not receive the offer when purchasing the Pay As You Go.

Maintaining the offer

While the Bundle subscription is active, you are able to upgrade and/or buy additional features to your Residential as well as Mobile proxies plans.


If you decide to cancel or refund the Residential plan, the Mobile proxy subscription will renew at standard pricing.

If you decide to cancel or refund the Mobile plan, the Residential proxy subscription will not be affected.