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How do I use proxies?

We provide endpoints to filter out IPs by region and by session type.


Endpoints are like gateways to IP pools. The system will automatically assign you proxies from the selected endpoint (part of the pool).

For example: the endpoint is a gateway to the whole pool consisting of 40m+ IPs and the endpoint is a gateway to the pool consisting of only US IPs.

  1. First, go to your Dashboard -> Endpoints page and select a proxy type:

Smartproxy dashboard - endpoint proxy type selection

  1. Next, select session type:

Sticky vs rotating port

  1. Then select a proxy location. 'Random' will use a random country IP.

Smartproxy Dashboard - proxy location

  1. Based on your selection, you will see which endpoint and port to use.

In the example below, you can see what a residential rotating port in the Netherlands looks like. A rotating port makes the IP rotate every time a request is made, but since we are using the gateway, all proxies will have IPs within the Netherlands:

An example of the Smartproxy rotating endpoint for the Netherlands.

You can apply this port and endpoint to any application or tool to start using proxies instantly. Check out the Setup Guides section to find quick guides for most popular tools.

You will also need to authenticate with our proxy network, otherwise you will not be connected. Check out the Proxy authentication article to see what authentication methods we support.

Here's an example of what it looks like on a simple cURL command, when using the residential rotating port for the Netherlands with whitelisted IP authentication. As you can see, the IP changes on each request, which proves that the test is successful:

An example of the Smartproxy rotating residential port for the Netherlands.

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How do I use proxies?

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