How do I use proxies?

Residential proxy Quick Start


Endpoints are like gateways to IP pools. The system will automatically assign you proxies from the selected endpoint (part of the pool).

For example, the endpoint is a gateway to the whole residential proxy pool consisting of 55M+ IPs, and the endpoint is a gateway to the pool consisting only of IPs located in the US.


  1. First, go to the Residential proxies → Residential → Proxy setup section on your dashboard.
Smartproxy dashboard – Proxy setup section.

The Proxy setup section.

  1. Next, choose your proxy Authentication method. This can be either your whitelisted IP or one of your proxy users. Check out the Proxy authentication article for more details.
Smartproxy dashboard – Authentication method selection.

Authentication method selection.

  1. Then, select the Location of your proxy.
    • Choosing Random means that the location of the IP address will be picked randomly from one of our residential IP pools.
    • Targeting by Zip code is available with the USA location.
 Smartproxy dashboard – Location selection.

Location selection.

  1. Afterward, select your preferred Session type and Protocol format.
    • Sessions for up to 24 hours can be selected or specified from the drop-down menu in the dashboard.
Smartproxy dashboard – Session type and Protocol selection.

Session type and Protocol selection.

  1. Based on your selection, you will see a proxy list of generated endpoints and ports. You can set the number of endpoints and download a .csv or .txt file of the created proxy list, or simply copy it to your clipboard.
Smartproxy dashboard – Proxy list selection.

Proxy list selection.

  1. Alternatively, you can copy single elements of the generated parameters, such as the Proxy Address, Port, Username, and Password, or copy the entire example string.
    • You can hide your password by clicking on the eye icon. This will not affect the copy & paste function.
    • Click Switch view at the top right under Layout to display the entire parameter string.
Smartproxy dashboard – Proxy list selection.

Proxy list selection.

You can apply these ports and endpoints to any application or tool to start using proxies instantly. Check out the quick guides in the Integrations overview section for the most popular tools.

Code examples

You can also test your proxies with Code examples. You can select any of the available languages:

  • cURL
  • Python
  • NodeJS
  • PHP
  • GO
Smartproxy dashboard – a cURL example.

A cURL example.

After you've selected the proxies and language, press Copy in the bottom right corner for convenient pasting.

The example below shows a few simple cURL command requests using the residential rotating port for the Netherlands with whitelisted IP authentication. As you can see, the IP changes on each request, so the test is successful.

curl -x '' ''

Rotating Netherland IPs.



For any advanced code samples and middleware please visit our GitHub page.