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Single backconnect entry node

Smartproxy also offers proxy access through a single backconnect endpoint:
Residential -

In this case, you need to pass all parameters alongside username and password.

Here is a list of all available parameters with a description and use:

  • Country – country code. Please provide it in a two symbol ISO format. To get a random country, simply exclude this parameter from the username string.
  • City – city name. Adding this parameter to the authorization header will let you specify which city IP you want to use to process the request. Please use this parameter together with the country information.
  • State - US state. Used only when you pick "us" as the country. Format: us_state_name (e.g. us_california)
    Use either state or city targeting.
  • Session – a random string to create a session in order to keep the same proxy for more than one request. The session automatically expires after 10 minutes (or 60s of inactivity) by default. After that a new IP will be assigned to this session’s ID.
  • Sessionduration - used with Session. Specifies the sticky session time - 1, 10 or 30 minutes. A session lasts for 10 minutes if this parameter is not provided.


For now, this applies only to residential endpoints. The feature for datacenter endpoints will be coming out soon as well!

Using backconnect entry node in applications

The backconnect entry node can be used in various applications as well, in such case, you will need to pass every parameter for your session alongside the username in the username field like this:


In the password field, you only need to enter the password of the proxy user.


Use the Session ID only if you want a sticky session. Otherwise, just ignore that part to receive a rotating proxy.

Examples using cURL requests

//Example of rotating random proxy

curl -U <username>:<password> -x
//Example of rotating Italy proxy

curl -U user-<username>-country-it:<password> -x
//Example of sticky Portugese proxy using session ID
//randomstring123 - session ID defined by string of your choice

curl -U user-<username>-country-pt-session-randomstring123:<password> -x
//Example of sticky US - New York City proxy using session ID
//randomstring123 - session ID defined by string of your choice

curl -U user-<username>-country-us-city-new_york-session-randomstring123:<password> -x
// Example of US state targeting - California and New York (State)
// Use underscores when a state name consists of two words. E.g: "us_new_york" "us_rhode_island"

curl -U user-<username>-country-us-state-us_california:<password> -x
curl -U user-<username>-country-us-state-us_new_york:<password> -x

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Single backconnect entry node

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