Searches can be tailored according to many different parameters.

ParameterHeader nameDefault valueDescription
targetn/agoogle_searchThe value should be set to universal for Web Scraping API.
urln/aDirect URL (link) to a page you want to scrape.
localen/aThis will change the search page web interface language (not the results).
– en-US
– en-GB
geoX-Smartproxy-GeoThe geographical location that the result depends on.

– Full country name, i.e. "New Zealand"
device_typeX-Smartproxy-Device-TypedesktopDevice type and browser.
– desktop
– desktop_chrome
– desktop_firefox
– mobile
– mobile_android
– mobile_ios
headlessX-Smartproxy-HeadlessEnable JavaScript rendering.
– html
– png
headersPass custom headers. Info
cookiesPass custom cookies. Info