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Unable to connect

Proxy connection requires a few conditions to be met before it can be connected on your device.

For a start, please make sure that you are:

  • Connected to the internet;
  • Have connection ports open;
  • Not connected to another proxy or VPN;
  • Using a correct proxy address and a valid port. See How do I use proxies? ;
  • Receiving connection error rather than HTTP code from a website. See more at HTTP(S) Error codes .

Other options to try:

  • Disable anti-virus applications if you have any;
  • If using a remote server, make sure that the firewall has a passthrough for the proxy port you are using;
  • Different endpoints;
  • Try different proxy tools for your connection;
  • Try a different network (Mobile hotspot, another Wi-Fi network etc.).

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Unable to connect

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