Quick Start

  1. Firstly, open up the ISP Proxies tab and select the Dedicated (ISP) product. The Proxy setup tab will open. The Endpoint generator can be found beneath the Authentication method section.

  2. Next, select your preferred authentication method. If you select User:Pass, input your credentials in the corresponding fields. If you select Whitelisted IP, make sure you have already whitelisted your IP address in the Authentication method above the Endpoint generator.

  3. In the four fields in the endpoint generator select your proxy user or whitelisted IP, Location, session type and protocol (format the proxies are generated in)

Smartproxy dashboard – Endpoint generator

Smartproxy dashboard – Endpoint generator

  1. Based on your selection, you will see generated endpoints and ports. You can set a maximum number of endpoints and download the created proxy list or copy it to your clipboard.

You can also click the Code examples section to get implementation examples for some popular programming languages.

You can apply these ports and endpoint to any application or tool to start using proxies instantly. Check out the Integrations section to find quick guides for most popular tools.