Residential authentication methods

Guide by Sjaak Alperstain

Authentication methods:

User:pass authentication
Whitelisted IP

User:pass authentication


Smartproxy dashboard – create, edit or delete proxy users for residential proxies

You can create, edit, and delete proxy users in the Residential > Authentication method page.


When you create an account in the dashboard, the system automatically generates a proxy user sp with a default dashboard login password. 

However, if you change the dashboard password, the proxy user credentials will not change (and vice versa).

If you cannot log in to the dashboard, please click Forgot your password?

If you cannot authenticate with proxy user credentials, then change your password in the Dashboard -> Authentication method page.

Whitelisted IP


Smartproxy dashboard – add or delete whitelisted devices for residential proxies

You can manage whitelisted IPs in the Residential> Authentication method page, right below the username and password authentication.
 This applies to residential plans only.

You can only add IPs that are in IPv4 format (xx.xx.xx.xx). Make sure that the IP you are adding is yours and you are not using a Proxy or VPN service at the time.


When you’re adding an IP address, make sure that it's an IP only you can access. If you’re using services such as Amazon Web Services, we highly recommend using the traditional username:password authentication instead.