Authentication methods

Datacenter Pay/IP proxies can be accessed via standard username:password authentication or IP-based whitelisting.

You can manage proxy users and whitelisted IPs on the Datacenter Proxies → Datacenter Pay/IP → Proxy Setup page.

After you purchase a subscription, a proxy user and password will automatically be generated in the Authentication method section. However, a whitelisted IP needs to be added manually.


If you cannot log in to the dashboard, please request a password change by going to the Reset Password page.

User:pass authentication

Smartproxy dashboard – creating a new proxy user.

Smartproxy dashboard – creating a new proxy user.

You can manage your usernames by clicking the "Username:password" button in the Authentication section. To create a new username and password, click the "+ Create user" button, type in the username you want, and click the "+ Create user" button again. A password will be automatically generated.


If you cannot authenticate with proxy user credentials, then try generating a new password.

To change your proxy user's password, click the "Generate password" button next to the password. To view the password, click the eye icon to the left of the "Generate password" button.

To add, edit, or remove a traffic limit for a specific proxy user, click the "Set limit" button. Type in the traffic limit and click the checkmark button to add or edit a limit. Click the bin icon to remove the traffic limit. Click the "X" button to exit the traffic limit editor.

To delete a proxy user, click the "Delete user" button at the far right of the username.

Whitelisted IP authentication

Smartproxy dashboard – adding whitelisted IPs for Datacenter Pay/IP proxies.

Smartproxy dashboard – adding whitelisted IPs for Datacenter Pay/IP proxies.

You can manage whitelisted IPs by clicking the "Whitelisted IP" button in the Authentication section. To add a new IP address to the whitelist, you can either click on the "+ Add" button located next to your current IP in the bottom left corner or type in the IP address you want to add in the middle bottom part and then click the "+ Add" button.

You can only add IPs that are in IPv4 format (xx.xx.xx.xx). The IPv6 format is not supported. Ensure that the IP you are adding is yours and you are not using a Proxy or VPN service at the time.


When you’re adding an IP address, make sure that it's an IP only you can access.

If you’re using services such as Amazon Web Services, we highly recommend using the traditional username:password authentication instead.

You can create or edit names for your whitelisted IP by clicking the "Edit" button. You can remove the name by clicking the "Edit" button, deleting the name, and clicking the checkmark button.

To delete the Whitelisted IP, click on the "Delete IP" button to the far right of your whitelisted IP address.