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PVA Creator

  1. Open PVACreator and click on 'Proxy' then 'Import' to import proxies

PVACreator import proxy list

  1. Select your proxy list file. The list should be as per examples below
  • With proxy sub-user authentication;
  • With whitelisted IP.

PVACreator proxy list file example

  1. In this example whitelisted IP method is used. Click save after importing proxies.

PVACreator proxy list save

  1. Then, you will need to bind proxies to your campaign. In the example we are using Instagram campaign.

Once you open the campaign, go to 'Proxy Table' click on 'Proxy' column to select it and then 'Bind proxy' - this will fill in proxy table with already imported proxies.

Alternatively you can select 'Import from file' (instead of 'Bind Proxy').

  1. After changes click on 'Save'.

PVACreator proxy table bind proxy

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PVA Creator

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