Authentication method

Dedicated Datacenter proxy authentication method

We support Dedicated datacenter proxy authentication via username and password.

You can manage proxy users on the Datacenter proxies → Dedicated Datacenter → Proxy setup page.

  • Currently, Dedicated Datacenter proxies do not support authentication via IP-based whitelisting.


Dashboard access

If you cannot log in to the dashboard, please request a password change by going to the Reset Password page.

User:pass authentication

You can manage your proxy users by going to the Authentication method section in the Proxy Setup tab.

  • The list will be empty by default and proxy users (username:password) need to be added manually.
  • The default number of Users depends on the IP List you select during checkout.
The Proxy user authentication section.

The Proxy user authentication section.

To create a new username and password, click + Create user, type in the username and password you want, and click + Create user again.

  • Passwords cannot be edited later.
  • To delete your current proxy user (e.g. if you need to change your password), please get in touch with our 24/7 customer support by clicking the chat widget on the bottom right or by using this link.
  • A vacancy is required for this option to appear. Check the Total users count.


Username:password requirements

  • The username must be 6 to 64 characters, letters and numbers only, no spaces.
  • The password must be 12 to 64 characters, no spaces, and with at least one special characer: _, ~, + or =.
  • Symbols @, : and $ are invalid.
Proxy user creation.

Proxy user creation.

You can buy additional proxy users up to a maximum of 10 by clicking + Buy more users, confirm the price and you will be redirected to checkout.

  • Available at 6$ per user.
  • You need to have all of your available proxy users in use for this option to appear. Check the Total users count.
Buying additional proxy users.

Buying additional proxy users.