Guide by Jeroen Adler

Getting started with Incogniton

The first thing you will need to do to get started is to create an account with Incogniton, which you can do here: Incogniton registration

After that, download the Incogniton app from their webpage, which you can do here: Incogniton Download

Once you have an account, and have the app set up on your device you can move on to the next article.

Creating a new profile

  1. Open the Incogniton app. Navigate to Profile Management, then select New profile.

Incogniton – New profile

Setting up the proxies

  1. Go to the Proxy section and choose HTTP proxy under connection type.
  2. Enter the proxy details, e.g. under Proxy: (ip:port) and your sub-user username and password in the respective fields.

Incogniton – Proxy settings

  1. You can click on Check proxy to ensure that the setup is functional.

Other settings

  1. You can configure other settings you might need in the rest of the tabs on the left. For example, you can create a profile name or choose your oprating system in the Overview tab.
Incogniton - other settings

Incogniton - other settings

  1. Finally, click the Create profile button to save all the settings.

Incogniton – Create profile

Checking the proxy IP

  1. Navigate back to the Profile Management page and click the Start button next to your new profile to launch it.
Incogniton - Launch the profile

Incogniton - Launch the profile

  1. Once the Incogniton browser is opened, you can visit sites like or to check if the IP and location is correct