Guide by Jeroen Adler

  1. Open the Incogniton app, navigate to Profile Management, then select New profile.
Incogniton – New profileIncogniton – New profile

Incogniton – New profile

  1. Go to the Proxy section and choose HTTP proxy under connection type.
  2. Enter the proxy details, e.g. under Proxy: (ip:port) and your sub-user username/password in the respective fields.
Incogniton – Proxy settingsIncogniton – Proxy settings

Incogniton – Proxy settings

  1. You can click on Check proxy to ensure that the setup is functional.
  2. Finally, configure any additional settings you might need (like naming your profile in Overview) and click Create profile.
Incogniton – Create profileIncogniton – Create profile

Incogniton – Create profile