Speed issues

Residential proxies

Many things can affect the speed of a residential proxy: different ISP, location, mobile signal strength, etc.

Nevertheless, our proxy network is optimized for the best speed, and our average proxy response time is ~3000 ms for all countries. The most popular locations (like the US and UK) are even faster.

Due to the nature of residential proxies, some IPs are faster than others. If you face speed issues, try to change the port and/or endpoint and run a couple of tests to see if this fixes the issue.

The tool you are using can also affect the proxy speed. For example, a web browser connection will always be a lot slower because it has to load every media file. Your own internet connection and location also impacts the connection speed.

Datacenter proxies

The Datacenter proxies are usually faster than residential ones, for best speed you would need to select proxies closest to you, meaning a choice between two of our provided IP pools, one being in the US and the other in Europe.


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