X Browser



Smartproxy Residential subscription is required to use X Browser

X Browser is a multi-session browser offering anonymous fingerprint profiles

Our current version allows you to:

  • Create, edit, delete & duplicate different fingerprint profile chrome browsers
  • Select custom masking settings
  • Setup proxies through Smartproxy integration
  • Quickly start & pause your work through popup window

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Get X Browser

To Download X Browser visit Apps page in our Dashboard and click on the Get Access button

Setup X Browser

X Browser currently supports Windows 10 and macOS operating systems. To install it, simply open the downloaded file and follow the instructions accordingly to your OS

Once you have application installed, you can setup your first stealth profile

X Browser Windows 10 setup

  • Launch the EXE installation file you downloaded from the website
  • If Smartscreen opens, click on More information and then Run Anyway
  • Install prompt for X Browser will appear and application icon will be available on your desktop after installation is complete

X Browser macOS setup

  • Launch the DMG installation file you downloaded from the website
  • Click & drag X Browser to Applications folder
  • Once application is finished unpacking you will be able to find it in your Applications folder. Double-click to launch
  • You will receive a warning prompt which indicates that this application cannot be verified, to continue with the launch click on the question mark symbol ? in the bottom left corner
  • To allow this application to launch you will need to allow it from the General pane. To do this, click on the hyperlink provided in the macOS User Guide prompt or navigate to the settings manually
  • Once in Security & Privacy menu click on Open Anyway button to continue with X Browser launch. If the button does not appear, make sure to cancel the initial warning prompt you got on the first launch

Use X Browser

1.) Login in to your account

2.) Open profile management from popup icon
Top navigation bar on macOS
Bottom app tray on Windows 10

3.) In the right corner select + Add new to create a Chrome profile.

*You will have two options for your profiles: 'Basic' and 'Advanced'

Basic settings

All you have to do is:
-name the profile
-select location (country/city/state)
-enter your proxy user credentials that can be found in 'Authentication method' on your dashboard
-enter URL of your target website
-press 'Save & exit'

Advanced Settings

In advanced settings you can do following:
-name the profile
-select location (country/city/state)
-enter proxy user credentials that can be found in 'Authentication method' on your dashboard
-select the resolution (optional)
-enter URL of your target website
-select the language (optional)
-WebRTC is suggested to stay Off as by default but if needed for your specific use case select it on
P.S. Advanced settings are designed for you to select and change the fingerprint of your device manually, you can surely use just default settings as well.

Last step

As your profile is ready just press PLAY and you will see Google Chrome window pop up. You can create as many profiles and each time you open a page you will have different IP to it.