X Browser


X Browser is a multi-session browser offering anonymous fingerprint profiles.

Our current version allows you to:

  • Create, edit, delete, and duplicate different fingerprint profile chrome browsers.
  • Select custom masking settings.
  • Set up proxies through Smartproxy integration.
  • Quickly start and pause your work through the pop-up window.

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How to get X Browser

To download X Browser, visit Tools page in our Dashboard and click on the Download button.

Smartproxy dashboard – where to download X Browser.

Smartproxy dashboard – where to download X Browser.

How to install X Browser

X Browser currently supports Windows 10 and macOS operating systems. To install it, simply open the downloaded file and follow the instructions accordingly to your OS.

Once you have the application installed, you can set up your first stealth profile.

How to install X Browser on Windows 10/11

  • Launch the EXE installation file you downloaded from the website.
  • If SmartScreen opens, click on More information and then Run Anyway.

Windows SmartScreen

  • The install prompt for X Browser will open and the application icon will be available on your desktop after the installation is complete.

How to install X Browser on macOS

  • Launch the DMG installation file you downloaded from the website.
  • Click and drag X Browser to the Applications folder.
X Browser installation on macOS

X Browser installation on macOS

  • Once the application is finished unpacking, you will be able to find it in your Applications folder or using Mac search (Command + Space) and typing in: X Browser
X Browser application on macOS

X Browser application on macOS

  • You will receive a prompt asking to open the application. Simply click Open and the application will launch.
Open prompt on macOS

Open prompt on macOS

How to use X Browser

  1. Click the Login with browser button to be redirected to the dashboard login page for authentication.
Login to start using X Browser

Login to start using X Browser

You will have two options for your profiles: Quick connect and Create profile.

Quick connect settings

Creating a quick profile

Creating a quick profile

All you have to do is choose your Proxy Type and Proxy User for authentication and click Start session.

This will choose random fingerprint parameters, create and open a browser profile with a tab showing your fingerprint information.

That's it - websites you open will be proxied through your chosen Proxy Type subscription.

New profile settings

In New profile settings, you can do the following:

  • name the profile;
  • select the proxy type
  • select the proxy user you will be authenticating with (can be edited in the dashboard);
  • select a location (country/city/state);
  • select the session type (rotating/1min/10min/30min);
  • select the platform (Windows/OS);
  • select the screen size;
  • select the language settings;
  • enter the URL for the default website;
  • enter a description.

P.S. All settings are optional.

After entering all your preferred settings click Create profile.

Advanced settings

Advanced settings

The last step

As your profile is ready, click Start session so that a Chrome window pops up.

Video guide


The following video displays the same instructions described above. However, the dashboard and thus the instructions in the video might be outdated.