SERP Scraping API

With our SERP Scraping API, you can scrape all popular search engines. Most notably and in-depth, Google, but also Baidu, Bing, and Yandex.


Once you have an active SERP subscription, you will be able to check your generated proxy Username as well as see or regenerate a new Password in the API Authentication tab.

Smartproxy dashboard – SERP API Authentication section.

Smartproxy dashboard – the SERP API Authentication section.

Sending requests via dashboard

You can try sending a request via your dashboard in the Scraper section by selecting your Target from the drop-down menu and choosing your desired parameters for the request. Click More options to reveal additional functions.

You will also see the response and an example of a cURL request generated at the bottom if you select the Response or the Request tab respectively.

Smartproxy – the Scraper section

Smartproxy dashboard – the Scraper section.


Import our SERP Scraping API request collection to Postman:

Run in Postman