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Ghost Browser

How to Setup Proxy on Ghost Browser

  1. Open Ghost browser and click on 'Ghost Proxy Control' > Add/Edit Proxies

Ghost Browser proxy control add/edit proxies

  1. A new tab will open, select 'Add Bulk Proxies' in it

  2. First, you will need to generate a CSV file - select 'Export Sample File' to download a template

Ghost Browser add bulk proxies and export sample file

  1. Fill in proxy list as per example below:
    a) With a proxy sub-user authentication username and password;
    b) With a whitelisted IP (How to whitelist IP).

Custom name and Tag fields are optional. Otherwise, please separate everything with commas in order for Ghost Browser to be able to read the list. The example below shows this in detail

Ghost Browser proxy list sample csv

  1. Once your CSV file is ready, import it into the Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser import proxy list

  1. You can test your proxies in the 'Test Proxies' section. Add the target URL and click 'Test'

Ghost Browser test proxies

  1. Results will come up in a pop-up. All proxies are setup successfully and ready to use:

Ghost Browser proxy control error

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Ghost Browser

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