Stackposts is a social marketing tool that allows you to manage your social media accounts. This short guide will show you how to set up proxies using this tool.

  1. Open Stackposts homepage and click on the Login button. Enter your credentials and proceed to the dashboard.

Stackposts – Login

  1. In the dashboard menu, select the Proxies icon.

Stackposts – Proxies icon

  1. You will now see all of the proxies that you have added to your account.

Stackposts – Proxies dashboard


Smartproxy Stackposts authentication

Stackposts is a third-party tool that does not run locally on your machine. Therefore, whitelist IP authentication for this tool is not available.

  1. For authentication through our proxy network, select the Add new button.

Stackposts – Add new

  1. You can use the following layouts for authentication:
    5.1. http://username:[email protected]:port
    5.2. username:[email protected]:port

Stackposts – Proxies details