Instagram action blocks

Recently, Instagram has been merciless towards account management. After the latest changes, many people are getting action blocks, using both automation and doing it manually.

Here you will find some known information about the blocks and some popular theories as to why this is happening. Please be advised that there is no simple answer because many factors determine whether your account gets blocked.

Some facts:

  • Different actions can cause blocks, for example, follows vs likes.
  • It's not excluded from automation only; people who do it manually receive blocks as well.
  • Blocks are not permanent. They will pass, so just be patient.
  • It's unclear whether it's a bug on their side or the changes are permanent.

The most popular theory is that there is a new limit of 6000 actions per 30 days. So if you go above the limit, you will get an action block. A lot of people report this to be true. However, some get blocks with fewer actions.

What you can do about it:

  • Keep your actions on the low side. We advise you to play safe.
  • No more than 200 follows a day.
  • Warm-up accounts after the block has been lifted. Roll it out slowly. Otherwise, you will get an action block again shortly.
  • Try other methods than follow-unfollow. Variate.
  • If nothing helps, keep researching popular forums to find what works for you. There are too many factors to account for, and different things work for different people.


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