Smartproxy offers Dedicated static datacenter IP addresses with monthly recurring subscriptions, unlimited traffic usage, and unlimited concurrent threads/connections!

The IP addresses are assigned solely to you. Therefore, you alone are responsible for the health and any flagging or blocking of your private IPs.

With Dedicated datacenter proxies, you can manage your social media accounts from the same IP addresses to gain trust or perform sophisticated scraping operations with your preferred request limits knowing other users can't interfere with them. Never be blocked again!

Enjoy the following features:

  • Faster speed and stable connection compared to residential proxies.
  • HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 type connection.
  • Direct access to IPs without any intermediates.
  • IPs assigned consecutively or non-consecutively (you choose).
  • IP replacement option.
  • All IPs located in the US.

We made sure you can manage your private proxies with ease: neatly organize, download, or copy the list of IPs to clipboard using our dashboard.