A mobile proxy uses IP address that uses a cellular connection from a mobile carrier like T-Mobile and Verizon

Mobile proxies have the best IP reputation and are the hardest to block. This makes them the best option for the most sophisticated websites to scrape or access.


A smartphone on Wi-Fi is considered a residential proxy and not a mobile proxy

Mobile proxies can be set up on many tools that accept HTTP(S) proxies, including Smartproxy Chrome or Firefox browser extensions. Simply choose the mobile proxy type after logging in to the extension.



  • Smartproxy mobile pool has 10M+ IPs available in 134 countries
    • Possibility to target over 700 specific ASNs
    • Possibility to target cities
    • Possibility to filter Android or iOS devices
    • Unlimited connections and threads
    • Authentication via user:pass or whitelisted IP
    • Rotating and sticky sessions up to 30 minutes
    • HTTP(S) connection