Searches can be tailored according to many different parameters.

ParameterHeader nameDefault valueDescription
targetn/agoogle_searchData source
Browse all available targets
urln/aDirect URL (link) to a page you want to scrape.
domainn/acomcom,, fr, etc.
page_fromn/a1Starting page number.
num_pagesn/a10Number of results to retrieve in each page.
localen/aMatched with domain parameterThis will change the search page web interface language (not the results).
– en-US
– en-GB
geoX-Smartproxy-GeoThe geographical location that the result depends on.

– City location names
– State names
– Country names
– Coordinates and Radius
– Google’s Canonical
– Location Name. Read more here.
device_typeX-Smartproxy-Device-TypedesktopDevice type and browser.
– desktop
– desktop_chrome
– desktop_firefox
– mobile
– mobile_android
– mobile_ios
parseX-Smartproxy-Parsefalse'true' will return parsed output in JSON format. Leave blank for HTML – not all data sources can be parsed.
google_results_languagen/aShows results in a particular language.
All of the supported languages are listed here.
google_tbmn/aThis parameter lets you filter Google Search results for specific types of content (news, apps, videos...).
More information here.
google_tbsn/aThis parameter contains parameters, like limiting/sorting results by date.
More information here.
google_safe_searchn/aUsed to hide explicit content from the results.
More information here.
headlessX-Smartproxy-HeadlessEnable JavaScript rendering.
– html
– png
session_idSession to re-use the same IP for multiple requests for up to 10 minutes