Smart Scraper Manager

What is Smart Scraper Manager?

Smart Scraper Manager is an addition to the Smart Scraper extension that you can access via the dashboard. It allows you to schedule, manage & export data for all of the scraping jobs you will create using the extension.

Authenticating via Smart Scraper extension

Click on the Free scraping button if you want to enjoy free scraping. If you need additional features, like scheduling, managing, and exporting your scraped data, click on the Login button. Log in with your Smartproxy's account credentials.

Scheduling a new scraping job via Smart Scraper extension

If you want to save your selections and get data on a recurring basis (hourly, weekly, monthly, etc.), click on the Schedule scraping button at the top-right corner of the extension toolbar after you're done selecting elements in the website you wish to scrape.

This will open Smartproxy's dashboard, where you will be automatically redirected to a window for creating a new task for a recurring scraping.

Type in the name of the new collection you are creating. Pick a name that will help you to identify this scraping task later.


All scheduled tasks require SERP Scraping API subscription

If you do not remember your SERP Scraping API password, you can always reset it by clicking on the Reset your password hyperlink in the Smart Scraper Manager window or by clicking on the Authentication method in the sidebar menu, under the SERP Scraping API tab

Schedule times & export options

Smart Scraper Manager allows you to select different options for each scraping task you create. You may schedule these tasks for every hour, day, week, or month to get recurring results of the data you selected with the Smart Scraper extension.

You can completely disable the export option by clicking on the switcher in the right corner of the Smart Scraper Manager and setting it to Disabled. It'll hide the export options; however, you will still be able to download your collections from the main management window.

Main Smart Scraper Manager window

In the main window of Smart Scraper Manager, you can download your collections in JSON or CSV formats (even if you have disabled the export option when creating the collection). You can also see the status of your job and the date when it was last executed.

If you want to delete a particular job, simply click on the trash bin and confirm that you want to remove that job.

You can always find Smart Scraper Manager in the dashboard under the SERP Scraping API tab on the left side menu.

Common errors

If you are having issues logging in to the Smart Scraper extension, please check that:

  • You are using your email & not your username
  • The password for your account is correct
  • You have an active SERP Scraping API subscription