Gram Multitool 2

Gram Multitool 2 is an application that allows you to manage your Instagram accounts.
This short guide will show you how to set up proxies on this tool.

  1. Open Gram Multitool 2 and right-click the relevant account to edit proxy.

If you're creating a new account - skip to the next step, proxy is part of the setup. (To create a new account right-click anywhere).

Gram Multitool 2 assign proxy to accountGram Multitool 2 assign proxy to account

Gram Multitool 2 assign proxy to account

  1. In the Edit proxy field you will need to enter IP:Port format because GMT2 does not support Domain:Port. The following article describes how to retrieve the correct format: IP:Port format

This can easily be adjusted by pinging relevant endpoint - in this example, we used to get IP. Insert IP and Port into the proxy field as in the example below.

Gram Multitool 2 proxy formatGram Multitool 2 proxy format

Gram Multitool 2 proxy format

  1. After the proxy assignment is completed, you can use this tool to manage your accounts.


If you receive the 'Invalid' error below - please try again and make sure the information is entered correctly. If that doesn't help too, try to change the port. If all else fails, please contact us via chat or email [email protected]

Gram Multitool 2 invalid errorGram Multitool 2 invalid error

Gram Multitool 2 invalid error