Follow Liker

Follow Liker is an application that allows you to manage your Instagram accounts. This short guide will show you how to set up proxies using this tool.

  1. The Follow Liker application does not accept domain:port format (e.g., so you will need to convert it to [IP:Port format] ( first.
  2. When you open the application, you have two options:
    a) Enter proxy list into the proxy manager.
    b) Assign proxy directly to the account.

If you are using a proxy list, the application will automatically assign an unused proxy to the account.

To import a list, click on Tools > Proxy manager.


Follow Liker – Proxy Manager

  1. Right-click on the table, and select Import.

Follow Liker – Import proxy list

  1. Select a proxy list (the format has to be IP:Port:Username:Password or if you use whitelist IP authentication – simply IP:Port).

Follow Liker – US proxy list

Alternatively, you can assign a proxy directly to the account when you add or edit one.


Follow Liker – assign proxy to account