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A quick guide to setup proxies on Easycop

Getting the proxies

  1. Log in to our dashboard and navigate to the Proxy Server page
  2. Select the country you wish to get the IPs from and the Sticky session type and you will see which ports can be used to connect to the specified proxies. You can use Download this list to get a list of proxy endpoints you can input into your bot.
  3. If you are using user:pass authentication, you will need to add :username:password to each line of the generated endpoints list, for example:
And so on.

Alternatively, you can also use Whitelisted IP authentication with our Residential proxies. Adding your proxy username and password would not be necessary then if you run your bot from a whitelisted IP address.

You can learn more about our authentication methods here

Getting a proxy list for your sneaker bot in the dashboard

Configuring proxies on Easycop

  1. Click on Tools and then select Proxy list
  2. Paste the generated proxy endpoint list and click Save
  3. Click on Import and verify that proxies are enabled
  4. Click Save

Updated 3 months ago

What's Next

For tips check out our sneaker cheat sheet as well

Sneakerhead cheatsheet


A quick guide to setup proxies on Easycop

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