Can I get a refund?

Can I get a refund?

Smartproxy plans (except micro package) has full 3 days money back guarantee option in case the service does not fit your needs.

You are entitled to a refund only once and only if you have not used more than 5GB of traffic. Once this threshold has been passed, we do not issue refunds.

-The refund policy is only valid for the first order.  NOTE: After you upgrade/downgrade your plan, 3-day money back option will not be valid anymore.

-If you have already been refunded, the first time refund policy does not apply to you anymore.

-Refund can be proceeded if you have purchased a plan by PayPal and Credit cards.

Note: All orders are conducted by our online reseller which is a Merchant of Record for these orders. To contact Paddle’s support team reach out via


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