How can I access proxies using ports?

Residential proxies can be accessed through city/country specific ports using your login credentials (username and password) or via whitelisted IPs (you can whitelist IPs in the dashboard).


You can use our hostname the same way you are using IP:port configuration

There are three types of ports:

Random proxy from a random city/country endpoint will give you random IP from a random city/country with every new request.

curl -U user:pass -x

Random proxy from a specific city/country

To get a random proxy with each request from specific city/country, you need to use one city/country specific proxy endpoint. For example, will give random US proxy IP with every query.

curl -U user:pass -x

A specific city/country with a sticky proxy

Main countries have up to 10,000 ports with sticky IPs. The IP will change to a new one after 5 minutes. If you need to establish more sticky sessions, please use single backconnect entry node with sticky session parameter. Get more details here.

For example, will give the same Italian IP address for up to 5 minutes. Please note, that this endpoint has 10,000 sticky ports, from 20001 to 29999.

curl -U user:pass-x
If you are accessing our proxies from China, please use domain instead of

For example, if you want to target US sticky proxies from China use this endpoint -


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