How to manage Subusers?

While using a proxy service, in some cases you may want to have different users to authenticate through our proxies. To do so, you can use our Subusers feature located in our dashboard panel.

Adding Subusers

Upon registration a subuser matching your selected username will be created, you can use it to authenticate through our servers, to add an additional user, enter preferred username and password, then click on the Create button.

Different pricing plans will have a different amount of subusers you can have, if you need more, make sure to check our Full Plan Comparison.

Editing Subusers

Each subuser has unique details that you will be using in order to authenticate through our proxies. If you need to change subusers password, you can do so by clicking the Edit button next to the subuser you want to edit.

Removing Subusers

In case you are no longer using a particular subuser or you wish to change the name of it, simply hit the Delete button next to the according subuser.

Make sure to avoid using simple passwords for your subusers!


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