Can I use it with Facebook?

Creating and managing many Facebook accounts requires each account to behave as if one person was managing it. Facebook can mark your accounts as spam if they determine that all activity comes from the same location. Stop worrying about your account getting banned by Facebook and use our advanced residential proxy network.

  • NEVER GET FLAGGED - Avoid getting detected by using our vast pool or residential exit nodes
  • MANAGE UNLIMITED NUMBER OF ACCOUNTS - Use an unlimited number of Facebook accounts simultaneously, keeping the same IP for each request as long as needed via the Sticky IP option
  • COUNTRY-LEVEL TARGETING - Use residential IPs from as many countries as you like. Change locations as often as needed

Usage examples: creating 100 Facebook accounts cost about 300 MB of data

More integration guides HERE.

Works with all major bots:


  • Follow Liker.
  • FaceDominator.
  • WhiteHatBox.
  • DominatorHouse.
  • Jarvee.


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