Can I use it for sneakers?

Purchasing goods during big product releases has become almost impossible nowadays. All major sneaker sites take extra steps to prevent any bot automation. These stores are limiting the number of products you can purchase from one account and from the same IP address. That’s why using residential sneaker proxies might be the only way not to get banned and purchase as many limited-edition SNKRS as possible.

  • NEVER GET FLAGGED - Avoid getting detected by using our vast pool or residential exit nodes
  • UNDETECTABLE - Avoid being detected as a bot using smart P2P proxies
  • COUNTRY-LEVEL TARGETING - Use residential IPs from as many countries as you like. Change locations as often as needed

More integration guides HERE.

Works with all major bots:


  • Another Nike.
  • Supreme.
  • BNB.
  • Nike Slayer.
  • Easy Cop.
  • AIO.


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