Can I use it for market research?

If you are pushing too many requests in a short time frame from a single IP address, your target website can easily trace such activity and block you or provide misleading information. To limit the chances of getting blocked or cloaked you should avoid scraping the same website with a single IP address and use Smartproxy network to scale your operations.

  • NEVER GET FLAGGED - Avoid getting detected by using our vast pool or residential exit nodes
  • UNDETECTABLE - Avoid being detected as a bot using smart P2P proxies
  • COUNTRY-LEVEL TARGETING - Use residential IPs from as many countries as you like. Change locations as often as needed

More integration guides HERE.

Use our proxies for:


  • Ad Verification.
  • Cyber security.
  • Price comparison.
  • Travel fare.
  • Search engine optimisation.
  • Data collection.
  • Sales intelligence.
  • Brand protection.



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